Why I stopped blogging & why I’m starting again..


Oh hey there!! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve put out a blog post. I’m sure I’m not the first blogger you’ve come across with a “sorry for my hiatus” speech or post. Look, I am not into making excuses so here’s the harsh truth, blogging is hard. I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram and had a thought about a year ago of “oh this can’t be that hard, I want to do this.” So I did. I started a blog and I started posting on Instagram everyday and after about three months I was bored out of my mind with it. I felt I was being super repetitive and couldn’t keep up with all of the larger bloggers, traveling the world and having a new outfit every single day. Anyway, to avoid this blog post being 800 years long, I gave up. It was exhausting and I was down on myself and it was no longer a fun outlet.

So, that’s why I stopped but why am I back now? I’ve found myself actually getting bored with some of the bigger bloggers and their unrealistic lives. I’ve found myself attracted to the smaller bloggers who are keeping it real and wearing the same jeans on repeat. Also, I started blogging in the first place as an outlet for my creative side and my mind. I’ve been through a lot of hard time this year alone and I’m just ready to spread my positive vibes to the world. I’m going to focus on sharing and connecting with whoever is watching or reading and stop worrying about how many people like my pictures or read my post. If I can make even one persons day better or teach one person something new than that is enough for me.

Honestly, that’s it. I love sharing my life and my interests so I’m back! I’m excited to share more of my life with you guys and hopefully grow organically with you all.

Until next time baby dolls ♥️✌🏻

Denise Alexandra Whelan


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