Hello my loves!! Now that Halloween is over we are on a fast track through all of my favorite holidays! I honestly cannot wait to douse myself in glitter and drink champagne for the next two months. With that said, of course I’ll be sharing all of my favorite holiday makeup looks and products, but for now I thought I’d give you guys a run down of all of the beauty products I was absolutely loving last month.



I cannot say enough positive things about this product to do it justice. I originally tried it because one of my favorite influencers is the co creator of this brand; Marianna Hewitt. I wasn’t expecting much from it, I just wanted to support her, but I was blown away. In the summer time I used it as my moisturizer, but since my skin requires a little more attention in the cooler temps I’ve been using it as a primer and an overnight mask along with a thicker moisturizer. This product smells like peppermint and it’s heavenly. For those of you who are conscious of what’s in your products, this mask is free of all the bad stuff and has a CLEAN seal of approval from Sephora. Plus can we talk about this packaging?? I dieeee it’s to good.


$12.99 & $14.99

I’m listing this as one product because that’s how I use it. I made an in depth blog post exclusively about these two products together after trying them for the first time a few months ago and I am still in awe. This is my go to foundation combination and I cannot stop. I love to look dewy and glowy and since my skin is dry, sometimes that can be difficult to achieve but this combo does the trick. I use about a dime sized drop of the foundation and a small little drop of the glotion and blend it out with a beauty sponge. Big fan of this combo for any season.




First of all, can we talk about how ginormous this product is? I’ve been using it almost every day for months and I still haven’t even come close to hitting pan. I love this bronzer because it’s not too warm for my pale skin and it has some flecks of sparkle in it to give your skin a nice glow. I use the lightest shade, although they have 4 different shades to choose from. I don’t use this to contour, only to bronze my skin so it’s perfect for day to day use and I have a feeling it will last FOREVER.




I love this palette for so many reasons. It’s a pretty tiny palette so it’s perfect for travel and I know that I’ll most likely use up all of the product before it expires. The tones of these shadows are warm and vibrant; perfect shades to enhance blue eyes. I also love that there are only two shimmer shades and the rest are mattes since day to day I use more mattes than anything else. The yellow shadow on the bottom left was my absolute favorite this past month. I layered it under pretty much every look that I did! Over all a super wearable everyday palette.




I use this product every single day you guys. I have extremely blonde eyebrows that aren’t really visible if they aren’t filled in so even on the lightest of makeup days my brows are a priority. I’ve used a few different products on my brows but brow gel is by far the fastest and most natural way to do them and my preferred method to fill them in. I’ve also used a few other brands and while I learn to love each of them for their positive attributes this is the brand of brow gel I’m currently into. It’s super affordable and the color is ashy which is perfect for my skin tone.



I LOVE THIS BLUSH SO EFFING MUCH. Not only just this shade but the Milani blush formula in general is my absolute favorite. I love this shade specifically because it gives a youthful rosey glow to my cheeks . There’s no glitter in it but it’s definitely illuminating, I’d say it’s a “sheen”. I love how this product allows you to skip the step of putting on highlighter because it’s a blush and highlighter all in one.




The perfect sheer berry shade for Fall, that’s all. No but seriously you guys, this product is the prettiest berry shade and the perfect amount of sheer yet pigmented to give you just the right amount of flush on your lips for everyday wear. I keep this in my purse all of the time because I’m a notorious for forgetting to put lipstick on before I leave the house. If you’re doubting how much I love this product, can we just note how all of the decals have rubbed off of the packaging!!


$27 rollerball $74 full size


I find fragrances difficult to explain but I am in love with this scent. It smells very sweet but sultry on me and it’s been my absolute favorite this last month or so. I’ll list the notes to give you a better idea of the scent. Notes: Moroccan tea, Cashmere wood, Cardamom, and Wild fig. Sephora describes this scent as warm, aromatic and mysterious. I’d agree!




So I could spend 3 or 4 sentences giving you the scientific run down of what this product actually does for your skin, or I could tell you it smells exactly like pumpkin pie and you need it. It smells absolutely wonderful and it exfoliates my skin so well. As you know, I have very dry skin so I exfoliate at least every other day to help my skin not look like a flakey mess. I mainly use this product twice a week in the shower. After I put on my conditioner to sit, I’ll lather this all over my face in circular motions and then leave it on while I’m shavings my legs. My skin afterwards feel so soft and rejuvenated and did I mention it smells like pumpkin pie?


$25 full size $13 mini


This product was a YouTube cult favorite for a long time. I feel like my rebellious side refuses to buy products when too many people are talking about them, so I held out for a long time before I tried this bad boy. I only decided to try it because I received a sample size of it with a different order. Well now, I’m obsessed. All of the hype was real and you need this mascara. The wand does an amazing job of getting right down to the root of the lash without getting product on your eye lid and it separates and lengthens my lashes better than any other mascara I’ve tried. You can also pile on layers and layers of this without it getting clumpy. I am a huge fan of this product and will be purchasing the full sized one ASAP.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this favorites post and please comment below what your favorites have been recently so I have an excuse to go buy more makeup!

Muah 💋

Denise Whelan


DC433AFE-101C-4317-8D24-79F9E5B02A22Hi my loves! I went to an amazing Armani Beauty event last night that was also a meet and greet with Marianna Hewitt so I thought I’d share some pictures from the event and my experience. It was the first beauty event I’ve attended in NYC so I was so excited!

So first let’s talk about the event. I found out about it through Marianna Hewitt’s secondary Instagram page @blogwithme. It’s a page she uses to share her personal tips and experiences on blogging for the rest of us rookie bloggers to learn a little something. She’s so helpful and I’m so appreciative that she made this page to help others in her industry succeed. So I quickly signed up as soon as she announced an event in NYC. The event was held in Soho at the Armani Box pop up shop. They have all of their amazing beauty products lined up for everyone to try on and test out. I decided to trust one of the makeup artists there and let him pick me out a lip color to purchase. I ended up with the lip magnet in shade 500 which he insisted when I wore it, it should be named “free drinks all night.” I was laughing because it was such a cute thing to say. They also engraved each lipstick personally as an adorable little bonus for purchasing a product at the event.


Meeting Marianna Hewitt was amazing. I saw her as soon as I walked in and she is SO tiny in person. She is so stunning and looks just as beautiful as she does in her photos. I waited until later in the event to say hi because she had a lot of people around her. She was so sweet and down to earth and even checked back in with me later when she saw me buying a product to ask what I had bought. It just makes me want to support her and her brand even more knowing that she’s such a genuine person.

My absolute favorite part of the event was the photo booth! You guys!!!!!! They had red glitter confetti blowing up in the air with a cute little video being taken of you. It was by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so of course I had to do it! I met another blogger while waiting in line to do the photo booth and we chit chatted and decided to take pictures for each other so we had some extra content from the event! She was so sweet. Her IG handle is @g_for_grace go give her a follow!

Overall, it was a fun filled night and I met so many genuinely sweet bloggers as well as fellow New Yorkers. I can’t wait to attend more of these types of events in the near future and try some more beauty products from Armani Beauty!

Don’t forget to keep up with me on Instagram @denise_whelan and thanks for stopping by loves!!

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Denise Whelan