Hello loves! If you’re anywhere near the level of procrastinator that I’ve come to be then it’s almost Halloween and you don’t have a costume yet. I’ve got your back, a problem easily solved with some fun makeup and clothes you already have in your possession. Here are some quick and easy makeup looks to pull together a last minute Halloween costume!


This look is surprisingly easy to create. Just use your palest foundation shade and don’t bronze at all! Give yourself a sharp contour, bold brows and a bright red lip. The eyeshadow is easier than it looks, I just put light brown, pink and cranberry eyeshadow in my crease and on my lower lash line. Honestly, the messier the better, you want to look sloppy and blown out. Throw some of that pinkish shadow around your lips to give it that smeared look and then mix your cranberry and pink shadow with water to create the “blood drip” from your mouth (or use fake blood if you can get your hands on it.) Then just throw on a sexy red top or all black and a choker to set the look off.


This skull looks way more difficult than it actually is. I used nothing but eyeshadows to create this look and once again, the messier the better because it’s Halloween and you’re supposed to look messed up right? Give yourself the best Smokey eye you can with lots of eyeliner and mascara. Drag the darker shades into the inner hallows under your eyes to create that “dead” look we all really want. Draw lines from the corner of your mouth straight out to your ear with black or dark brown eyeshadow. And vertical lines over your mouth and out towards your ears with the same eyeshadow. For the nose, either copy what I did here with black eyeshadow or google skeleton nose for other ideas of how to create the nose makeup. I added liquid glitter eyeshadow to pretty much everywhere on my face to make this skull extra AF. For an outfit, you could go with all black to keep it simple or wear a glitter dress to keep on theme with your glitter eyebrows 😉 If you want to be even more extra you can throw black eyeshadow and glitter on your finger tips like I did, but beware that it gets absolutely effing EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING.


This one is BY FAR my favorite one from this year. She’s so cute right? For this I just used silver and blue shimmery eyeshadow for my entire face. I put the silver eyeshadow all over my eyes and contoured with it, then went over that with a shimmery blue eyeshadow. For the forehead I just took a piece of paper and used the corner of it to create the two “V”s. I then just shaded with silver and blue in between to make it stand out more. For the lips, I used the same silver shadow and then decided it was a little boring and I wanted to make her more of a “warrior alien” but still cute. I added the black line down the lip and chin with black eyeliner and created the lines over the nose and over the brows to give it more pizzaz. To create the black dots I just dipped the other side of the eyeliner brush in the eyeliner pot and dotted some circles above my brows. Then of course, add glitter! You could use a spray glitter if you have some or I used an iridescent glitter eyeshadow. I loved the way this top paired with the look but you could dress this up anyway you’d like! Just throw on some space buns and get to partying!


This one is so fun because it’s scary but still cute! I would definitely recommend wearing low pig tails with this look to make it doll-like and you could wear a ripped up black, white or nude dress. I used the Morphe 35O palette for this look. I used the taupe-cooler toned shades in my crease and under my lower lash line. Really any colors would work for this as long as they have a brown-ish or dirty tint to them. I used a gel liner pot and the smallest brush I had to create the stitch marks on my mouth and over my eye, but I think a liquid eyeliner pen would’ve worked better. It was actually super easy, I just followed a picture of Halloween stitches. I think the heart on the cheek is the perfect touch to really give it that voodoo vibe. I just outlined the heart in black and used liquid lipstick to fill the heart in red. I went with a nude lip for this look but I’ve also seen it done with a red lip and it looks really good! If you used eyeshadow to make your chest look “dirty” that would really set off the voodoo doll look! She’s cute, but creepy, but cute! Perfect last minute Halloween costume.



You guys this look is SOOOOO easy and super cute!! I feel like most people own a flannel and a straw or tan hat of some sort of at least one of your best friends does and it really makes it look like a well thought out costume when in reality you came up with it on the fly. I did my foundation, bronzer and brows like I usually would and just used a bunch of yellow and orange eye shadows for my eye look. I wanted it to be a bit more glam so i loaded up the eyeliner and mascara. For the orange cheeks I just dipped a round, dense foundation brush into my brightest orange eyeshadow and pressed it directly into my cheeks and then patted it on to get the desired pigmentation. For the nose I just created a tear drop shape with orange shadow and outlined it with black eyeliner and put a few lines through  the perimeter. For the lips I used a bright orange lipstick, this shade is “CHI CHI” from colourpop but I’ve also seen this look done with nude, black and red lips that all looked really cool. I used the same “stitching” technique on the sides of my mouth just using a black liner pencil this time. I added what I’d call tic tac toe boxes on me chin and forehead with the same eyeliner pencil and just patted it in with my finger for a less perfect look. Then I added faux freckles with a light brown eyeliner pencil, or you could use a brow pencil for this too. I’m obsessed with the way this one turned out! It’s so cute and super easy, I did the makeup in about 25 minutes.



I love this one so much you guys!!! If you know me at all, you would know that I’m insanely obsessed with cats of all kind including big kitties, so this look was super fun for me and pretty easy. I wore my normal foundation, bronzer and eyebrow routine and used a pretty gold eyeshadow on my eyes. I knew I had to create a wing (duh cat eyes) but I’m terrible at it so I bought a new eyeliner that worked amazingly. I used the NYX ‘Super Skinny Eye Marker’ and my wing wasn’t perfect but definitely a billion times better than what I’ve done in the past. I used the same marker to color in the front of my nose and nostrils and create the whiskers. I used a regular black pencil liner to create the 6 dots on my upper lip and decided to do a plum/fuscia lip to make this kitty a bit more glam. To top this look off I threw on the fluffiest and most extra leopard coat that I own and I am OBSESSED. Honestly, anything leopard print would work for this look and even better if you have a pair of ears to put on!

I hope you guys love all of these looks and that they’re helpful to you this Halloween season! Just remember, no need to make these looks perfect; the messier the better! It’s Halloween after all, you want to look a little f*d up!

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