Hello my loves! Can you guys believe it’s already Easter? This year is absolutely flying by. I was thinking about Easter and how if you celebrate you always have so many extra eggs left after dying them or after the Easter egg hunt. So, what better way to use those extra eggs than to make a fun cocktail? Egg white cocktails have become such a trendy drink in swanky cocktail bars in NYC so I thought it would be fun to share a recipe with you all. Before I do that, I have to give a huge shout out to my bestie Maggie for helping me come up with this recipe. She is a stellar bartender who is far more sophisticated and knowledgeable with her cocktails than I could ever dream of being. Plus, she gets an A+ for shaking this baby up so I could get cute blog posts shots at a bar!


GIN (your preference of brand)

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ELDERFLOWER LIQUER (St. Germains is pretty popular and most liquor stores carry it)

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SIMPLE SYRUP (you can buy this at the store or make it yourself, it’s only equal parts sugar and hot water)



In a tin shaker add all ingredients without ice

1.5 oz Gin

.5 oz elderflower liquer

.5 oz lemon juice (fresh squeezed)

.5 oz simple syrup

one egg white (leave out the yolk!)

•Vigorously shake up the ingredients without ice for about 30 seconds

•Add ice to the shaker and shake again vigorously for another 30 seconds (we are trying to get the egg white nice and frothy)

•Strain into your favorite glass. I would personally use a coupe glass, however we didn’t have one on hand so we improvised and used a martini glass.

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For a fun Easter twist on this drink you could add one small drop of your favorite color dye to make a cute pastel concoction!

Hope you all loved this post and for anyone who celebrates Easter has a wonderful day with their family and friends! Hopefully a little buzzed and boozy egg white cocktails ;)!

Keep up with me on Instagram where I am the most active @denise_whelan and of course tag me if you make this drink at home!

Muah 💋



Hello my loves! Happy first day of Spring! I’m just sitting here in New York City praying that Spring actually visits us sometime in the near future. We are expecting a snow storm tomorrow and it’s freezing outside, and I am in need of some serious sunshine in my life.

However, because the sunshine has been substantially absent from my everyday life for the past few months, I have discovered the best foundation combo. It makes my skin look like it has been kissed by the sunshine gods. The best part about this combo is that it’s from the drugstore and is super affordable! I have insanely dry skin so honestly I struggle with finding foundations that make me look dewy or glowy. When I discovered this combo last month I was so excited!! I have been wearing it non stop as my everyday foundation.


I’m talking about the L’Oréal Pro Glow foundation, mixed with the L’Oréal Glotion. This combo makes my skin look like I’ve just drank an abundance of water and sat in the sun for an hour! I am officially obsessed you guys. I can’t stop wearing the two mixed together.


The L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation is only $12.50 and claims to provide 24 hours of glowing skin. I usually apply this at 10am or so and don’t take it off until around 10pm and in those 12 hours it definitely doesn’t budge or slip on my face at all. It’s described as a medium coverage foundation, best for normal to dry skin and I completely agree.


The product I mix it with is the L’Oreal True Match LUMI Glotion. It costs $14.99 and I am using the shade 901 ‘Fair Glow’. It claims to hydrate and illuminate your skin for an all over fresh and natural glow. That is the thing I love most about this product; I feel like I’m glowing from within. Especially in these harsh winter months, my skin becomes so dull and this product has been my secret weapon to looking hydrated and glowy. I actually cannot wait until spring so I can try the more bronzey shade in this collection and look super sunkissed and illuminated.


I absolutely love mixing these two products together, it gives my skin the perfect about of coverage and glow. I use a foundation brush and put a drop on each onto it and paint it onto my face. Then I use a damp Real Techniques perfecting sponge to give it an extra flawless, dewy finish.

Thank you all for reading and comment below your current favorite foundation! I am always looking to try something new.

Muah 💋

Denise Whelan


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How do I even begin? For those of you who are bloggers or frequently use Instagram, you will totally understand me. For those of you who are casual Instagram users, I’m about to sound like a whiny brat who is complaining about major millennial issues. Sooooo here are my millennial complaints.

I LOVE Instagram. I found it as an amazing outlet for my creative juices and was truly loving using it as a platform to bring traffic to my blog and YouTube channel. Then, they changed their algorithm. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the change, let’s just say, most people are not a fan. I only see content from about a third of the people I follow, pages I don’t follow are thrown into the middle of my scroll and sponsored post pop up every two seconds. It’s so frustrating. This effects me in so many ways. Not only does it effect the fact that I have to turn on post notifications to make sure that I see my best friends, family members and favorites bloggers posts, but also my engagement has suffered tremendously.

Now let’s be honest, most of you are reading this and thinking ‘who the hell cares about your engagement Denise, I just like seeing your pictures… yet that’s the messed up thing. So many people who CHOSE to follow me aren’t even seeing my post anymore. For reference, when I had less than 1,000 followers, I was receiving around 200-300 likes and 20-30 comments on each post. I now have around 1,200 followers (because after the algorithm change my follower count has been stuck at the same number) and I receive around 100 likes and 10 comments a post.

It’s mainly just discouraging because I was truly loving posting so much and seeing my page grow and knowing that sooner or later the possibility of making blogging/instagramming a career was possible. I don’t want to blog because it’s easy, I want to blog so I can work from home and provide a stable environment for my future children where I can be present. I never chose a traditional career, I mean I’m a bartender, let’s get real.

I am trying so very hard not to give up on the idea of succeeding in this industry just because of the fear of not growing or working with no result. I am trying to stay positive and motivated and openly praying that Instagram will listen to its users and return back to chronological order.

Then the fighter in me takes over and I want to fight for this. I don’t want to let some algorithm change discourage or defeat me. I am more than a change in an app. I am passionate about this and I will not give up. I am here to spread my positivity and love with the world and nothing can stop that.

So here’s to hoping and I sincerely appreciate every single one of you that took the time to read this post.

Muah 💋

Denise Whelan



Hello my loves! I’m back blogging after the new year and so excited to share what I’ve been working on with you all. As you guys know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I feel like most of us are at a loss for what to buy our significant other. My husband and I do not exchange gifts often, but when we do it’s always something sentimental and personalized. So when JORD, a wood watch company, reached out to me wanting to collaborate on a Valentine’s Day campaign, I immediately checked out their collections. They have the most unique and stylish watches for both men and women so of course I said yes to a collaboration! I personalized the watch with a cute saying that I’ve said to him since before we got married “you will forever be my always.” These beautiful watches are made from wood and they are so fresh and unique. They have a ton of different styles and colors for any taste.


Also, they are doing an amazing giveaway for Valentine’s Day as well! You can enter to win (you only have to put in your name and email, it’s so easy!!) and you could receive a $100 coupon towards the purchase of a watch! How amazing is that? Also, even if you don’t win, you still receive a 10% off code. The giveaway closes Feb 4th at 11:59pm so make sure you click that giveaway link now so you don’t miss out! If you win, the coupon code expires on February 11, 2018 at 11:59pm so be sure to check out their website so you know which style you’d be picking up for yourself or significant other!

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The style of watch I choose for my husband is the ebony and iron from the Hyde collection. It’s so manly and sleek, just like my man!! JORD Watches has so many different styles to choose from and as soon as you engrave it with that special saying or date it just makes it the perfect romantic gift.

Go check out some of their watches here and comment below which style is your favorite!


Enter the giveaway here!


Link to the exact watch pictured!


Talk to you soon babes!

Denise 💋

Watch Gift Ideas


Processed with VSCO with c4 presetHello my loves! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog post so I thought I’d get a quick little recipe up here for the holidays and New Year. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been VLOGGING!! For those of you who don’t know what vlogging is, it’s just me essentially documenting my daily life in video form so you can see what I’m up to day to day. I’ve been doing this for the month of December so you guys can get a better feel for what I’m really like behind the words and cocktail recipes! You can actually see me making this Sangria in my Vlogmas Week 4 post which should go up on my YouTube channel the week after New Years! If you would like to watch any of my videos or subscribe to my YouTube channel click HERE.

So, this Sangria recipe is super simple but absolutely delicious. Hope you guys love it and if you recreate it make sure you tag me on any of my socials so I can see!

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2 bottles of Cabernet (whichever brand you prefer)

Orange Liquer (any brand)

3 Red Apples

3 Large Oranges

Fresh Rosemary



Cut apples into small cubes add them to the container your Sangria is going in

Slice one orange into wheels or half moons and add to apples

Add fresh rosemary on top (I just put the whole container of them in)

Pour the two bottles of Cabernet right on top of all of the fruit and rosemary

Add half of the bottle of orange liqueur (.5L) – you can adjust the amount of this if you don’t want it to be as strong

Juice the two leftover oranges into the Sangria bowl

Stir all of the ingredients together and let sit overnight so the fruit can soak up the booze

That’s it!!!! Just pour over ice, and add some of the sangria soaked fruit in and drink. So simple and it’s such hit at any party or just to keep in your home for the frigid cold days where you don’t want to leave your house! Fair warning though, this Sangria is surprisingly strong and it will creep up on you haha

Cheers guys 🥂

Denise Whelan

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INSTAGRAM @denise_whelan

YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/denisewhelan