Holiday BFF Gift Guide 2018

Hi my loves! Thought I’d share a few fun gift ideas for your bestie for the holidays!! Hope you love them and don’t forget to use my discount codes if you purchase any of these items to save some money!



My. 90’s heart can’t take it. Scrunchies are back you guys, and I do not care what anyone says. I have loved scrunchies since I was a little girl and they are back on trend so I am buying all of them! Pretty much every place on planet earth sells them now but I like to support small shops and real humans who do a happy dance when you purchase so I’ve been buying mine from Brynn Bands and they are SO cute and durable!! You absolutely need them and you can snag 10% off with code ‘DENISE10‘ and buy them for your best friend, mom, aunt, niece, enemy… you know, the crew.



Okay this one may seem weird at first but let me explain. One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 is to be more environmentally conscious and I want to extend that to my friends as well. I love sea turtles and I’m so sick of seeing videos of them with straws stuck in their nostrils so I’m doing something about it. As an avid coffee drinker I use one plastic straw per day that cannot be recycled and I am not okay with that. One of my friends founded this amazing company called Saving Straws and they make reusable straws with sustainable carry bags to help you become more environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re cute AF and come in multiple different styles with a cleaning tool as well! Plus, they’re super affordable so you really have no excuse not to buy these for you and all of your friends.



Dainty jewelry is always my go to for my besties. Not only is it super trendy right now but it’s super wearable for day to day. My current favorite dainty pieces are from  Sixty Stax  and you can get 15% off with code ‘DENISE15‘.



If you know what type of phone your bestie has, you can get her an adorable new cell phone case or maybe even a laptop case. My current favorite place to scope cute cases is Caseapp. You can shop from already existing designs or create your own for a personal touch. Use code ‘DWHELAN20‘ for 20% off any case and visit my instagram for a fun giveaway!


This is always an easy go to because it’s not something your friends are typically going to buy themselves yet they will definitely get use out of it! I always love the cute sets from Victoria’s Secret but Target always has cute options as well.


I’m a bartender by trade so it’s in my instincts to buy my friends booze. I always love to get them either their favorite bottle of wine that’s maybe a bit more expensive or a large bottle of their favorite liquor for their bar cart. It’s always a cute way to show them how well you know them and give their gift a personalized touch.


I don’t know about you but I absolutely love receiving makeup as a present. I love to gift my friends either expensive eyeshadow palettes that they wouldn’t typically buy themselves or more personalized makeup choices. For example, I once gave my bestie a lipstick that the shade name was her daughter’s name so it was personal and thought out, plus the color was adorable. It’s a great option because it makes them feel special and they will also get use out of it! My current favorite brands to buy from are Colourpop, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and Kylie Cosmetics.


I love buying friends coffee mugs because I love receiving them. There are so many cute ones out there and it’s an easy gift to use as a filler with other presents. My favorite places to find cute mugs are TJ Maxx and Anthropologie.

I hope this was helpful and gives you lots of fun ideas to shop for your BFF’s. Don’t forget to use my discount codes to save some money if you chose to buy any of these recommended items. Happy Holidays my loves.

Muah 💋



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