Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to share some of my pictures from my little weekend trip to Washington, DC. My best friend Maggie and I decided to go for two nights on a whim to see some of the blooming cherry blossoms and magnolias. We were technically only there for one full day but we made the most of it and enjoyed the little break from the city.


So firstly, we decided to take a greyhound bus from NYC to Washington, DC, which seemed like a good idea at the time but after being delayed for two hours and then sitting in what felt like a sauna for 4.5 hours, I think we will take the train next time. We got there super late at night and checked into our hotel. We stayed at THE HIVE near Georgetown University. It was the cutest hotel with the tiniest room, but it had bunk beds which made it all better. Talk about making you feel like a little kid again.

Friday was our first and only full day there. We woke up and had brunch at a cute spot called Tonic and then proceeded to head over towards the White House. We frolicked amongst all of the blooming trees and soaked up every bit of sunshine we could, considering how cold and gloomy NYC has been for the past few months. Even though it was a bit chilly, the sunshine and flowers made us feel the glory of Spring and gave us something to smile about. We did the whole touristy walk and took pictures in front of all the typical government buildings you’d want to see. This place was filled with so much history, however the awe of the building became underwhelming after each building seemingly looked the same. We made our way towards the capital but got distracted by the desire to stop walking and have a beer and go shopping. What can I say? Nothing like creature comforts, even when you’re in a new town. We decided to head back to the hotel after shopping and get ready for dinner! We went to an area referred to as the West End, which apparently is the hotspot in town to go out. We settled on a multi story Mexican restaurant after walking past many places with a very long wait. The food was good and the service was even better. We left dinner and went to a bar called SERVICE BAR near by on the recommendation of a friend. They had absolutely phenomenal cocktails and about the best playlist I’ve heard in a while. We had such an amazing time that night just jamming out and enjoying killer cocktails.

The following day, Saturday, we didn’t have much time before we had to catch the bus. We woke up and went to brunch at the same spot, Tonic, purely out of convenience. We then decided together that the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian were the two things we couldn’t leave without seeing. We headed to the Smithsonian and quickly realized that wasn’t happening after we saw the insanely long line to get it. We were going with the flow so we both decided to just head over to the Washington Monument. There was a kite festival going on this day, so it was interesting to see but also extremely busy. We walked up, took some beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms with the monument and then escaped out of the craziness as fast as we could. The thing about traveling to destinations when you’re from NYC is that you want to escape the crowds, not be in a different one, so we were both down to take a few shots and scamper. We passed by the reflecting pond on the way back to the hotel which was so cool, but way more shallow that I had anticipated.



Overall it was a lovely trip, and I enjoyed seeing places and buildings that are so significant to our countries history. Although the cherry blossoms were not in full bloom, they were beautiful and the magnolia trees made up for what was by bloomed yet! I would love to go back and explore the West End a bit more and definitely go see the Smithsonian (possibly on a much less busy weekday).

Tell me, have any of you ever been to DC? I would love to hear about your experience.

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Hi my loves! I cannot believe it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post! Sorry for the lack of posts, but those of you who follow me on Instagram know that this month has been insane for me. Just a small little rundown of the craziness for you; my husband and I flew down to Florida for my cousin’s wedding, then flew back on Monday, flew back out that same Friday after work to go to Portland, Oregon to take my brother in laws engagement pictures, flew back on a red eye on Sunday night to be back at work on Monday… THEN… had to pack up our entire apartment and moved into the city that weekend and now we are here. PHEW! How’s that for a run on sentence and a busy couple of weeks? I know!! So now we are mostly settled into our new place so I can finally share some blog posts about my October excursions with you lovely people.

Tampa, Florida is home to me. It’s where I grew up and it’s where most of my family still lives. We made this specific trip down for my cousin’s wedding and as an added bonus my oldest brother also came down to Florida with my nieces at the same time. We were only there for 4 days but we definitely made the most of it! So here’s the breakdown!!

Day One:

This day was so much fun. I got to wake up and have breakfast with my nieces and just enjoy their company after not seeing them for 9 months. I ran a few errands with my mom for nieces birthday party that was happening the following day and then met my best friend/sister in law for happy hour! My sister in law is also my best friend, yes people it’s possible!! We always have so much fun together and she just had her first baby, who is about 4 months old so we have so many new topics to discuss. Later that day we went back to my brothers house (the younger of the two brothers who’s wife is my best friend) for some dinner and just to hang out. It was truly such a relaxing and comforting night.

Day Two:

This was the day of my nieces birthday party. My nieces both have birthdays in October; the youngest just turned one and the oldest just turned three. We had a donut themed birthday party for them and it was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It was such a fun party with family all around, I truly enjoyed myself. My other best friend came to the party to take some pics, so we left when the party was done for a night out! We headed down to SoHo for some drinks and dinner and really just had the best time catching up and enjoying each other’s company. We’ve been best friends for over 10 years so it’s always the best time with her!

Day Three:

This was the day of the wedding and by far my favorite day. My hubby and I woke up early to meet my brother and sister in law bestie at the mall to do some last minute wedding gift shopping (nothing like procrastinating right?) Then hubby and I decided to go get some lunch to put some food in our stomachs before the wedding. Let me tell you, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way about not eating enough before you attend a wedding, ALWAYS eat before hand. So we went to lunch and then headed back to my parents to get ready. This ride back to the house was absolutely magical for me. My husband and I had decided to rent a sports car off of Turo instead of renting a regular sedan, so my hubby could have a little fun. Best decision ever. He decided to rent a gorgeous red Viper for the weekend. So I’ll try to explain to you guys why this ride was so magical for us. 3 years ago my husband and I made the decision to move away from our comfort zone in Florida to take on the big city NYC. Our family wasn’t thrilled with our decision and many friends even bet how long we would last in New York before we came back home. Needless to say, we definitely moved up to NY with something to prove. Fast forward to present time, we were driving a sick sports car down the street we used to drive every day with the top down, knowing when we went back home we were moving into our first Manhattan apartment. We had so much to be proud of and thankful for and I literally looked at my husband and said “three years ago did you ever think we would be living in Manhattan on a vacation in Florida driving a viper around without a care in the world?” Then we just looked at each other and smiled and laughed. It was such a satisfying moment to finally feel like all the hard work that we had been putting in the past three years was finally starting to pay off. We both really needed that moment. It was truly just everything to us. Now how can I even follow that up? Haha! We got ready for the wedding and headed over to the venue. We rode with my bestie sis in law and my brother and jammed out the whole way. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy that my cousin found love! We drank and danced the night away with family which is my favorite thing in the world to do. It was so hot and humid, as Florida usually is, but after a few glasses of wine I no longer cared about the heat and just danced for hours and hours. It was a fun, carefree and spectacular night and just an amazing way to end our trip to Florida.

Day Four:

There’s not much to say about day 4 since we flew back home this day. We woke up and had our last breakfast with our nieces and family. It was relaxing and blissful. I woke up feeling satisfied and content. It was an amazing, drama free trip home and that’s all I can really ask for.

Until next time Tampa ✌🏻🌴



Hello my loves!! This past weekend I had family in town and we did so many fun things. We truly had the best weekend just spending time with each other and having some good laughs but one of my favorite parts was going to this adorable spot with our nephew. The place was called the SeaGlass Carousel (thanks to my brother in law for insisting on us going there.) It’s downtown in Battery Park. It’s like your usual merry go round/carousel except that it’s sea themed. It has fish and seashells for seats and it lights up and glows, which really makes for the cutest photos and experience. I just couldn’t resist blogging about this place because it was just so adorable.

So there’s really not much more to say about this spot except that I can’t wait until I have kids so that I can bring them here! Here’s a few pics we took while we were there. Enjoy!

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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe SeaGlass Carousel is open 10am-10pm 7 days a week and costs $5 to ride. It is located on State St. & Water St. New York City in Battery Park. Visit http://www.seaglasscarousel.nyc/ for my information.

Muah 💋



Hello my loves! I just spent 6 days in Cancun with my hubby for some good quality relaxation and fun and I thought I would share some photos from the experience with you guys.

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We found out the hard way that August is one of the hottest months in Cancun, as if this wasn’t obvious, we just didn’t consider it. Thank goodness that there was an amazing pool all throughout our hotel, because that’s where we spent the majority of our time considering the heat. We opted to stay at an all inclusive so all of the food and alcohol was already included in the cost. I am choosing to leave the hotel name anonymous because we were not treated very well and had many issues with the front desk. However, despite the poor treatment, we enjoyed laying out and relaxing before having to come back home to NYC!

To be honest, we didn’t do anything while we were there, but that was always the plan. We chose not to do any excursions or leave the hotel often because we just wanted to chill. Sometimes you just need a vacation of laying around and drinking all day, am I right?

I do have to give a shout out to this great little restaurant that we found near our hotel, the Blue Gecko. After eating a few days of inedible food at our all inclusive, we decided to get on yelp and find somewhere to eat real food. This bar had nothing but stellar reviews, so we decided to give it a try. After going there the 3rd night we realized why, the place was freaking amazing! We ended up eating there two days in a row and bringing leftovers and extras back to the room for later. That turned out to be the best decision we made the whole trip haha!! Food really is so important to my husband and I, so lesson learned with the all inclusive.

Anyway, enough about food. Cancun was truly a beautiful destination with sunny weather and palm trees for miles. It most definitely was not my favorite tropical destination but I truly enjoyed myself, relaxing in the sun with my love. Now, where to next? 

You all know I can’t end this post without some swimsuit and fashion action! So here were some of my favorite looks and where I purchased them.

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Mermaid one piece is from Missguided. I purchased it on www.asos.com

This baby pink bikini is from www.zaful.com I purchased it in a medium (even though I usually wear a small) because the reviews said it ran super small. It fit perfectly and was so flattering. My favorite swimsuit that I wore this trip by far!

Bad news!! This swimsuit top is no longer sold. It was from Victoria’s Secret and they stopped selling swimwear. Seriously breaks my heart because they always made the cutest bikinis. I found a similar one at Bloomingdale’s by Trina Turk. My bottoms are the same ones from the baby pink bikini from Zaful.

I wore this look on the first night and was so obsessed. My top is from Asos, skirt is from Forever 21. I also wanted to do a monochrome coral look for my makeup to go with all the neutral. Eyes are colourpop cosmetics ‘Blow Me Away’ eyeshadow palette. Lips are NYX Suede Matte lip liner in shade ‘Life’s a beach” with Maybelline lipstick in shade ‘Coral Crush’. And of course Milani ‘Luminoso’ blush.

I LOVED this makeup look!! I felt so fancy and powerful (the power of a red lip.) Something about a golden eye and red lips just looks stunning on so many people. I used Blinc Cosmetics ‘Electric Eyes’ palette and IBY Beauty ‘Three’s a company’ eyeshadow trio on the eyes. I used Physicians Formula butter bronzer to contour and bronze my face. My highlight is Becca Cosmetics ‘Opal’ and my lips are Colourpop Cosmetics lippie stick in ‘Bossy’.

Last thing I wanted to mention was that I always pick a new fragrance for each vacation. I totally stole this idea from Kathleen Lights on YouTube. She mentioned that the scents took her back to the memories of that vacation, and I’ve always associated smells with memories so I started doing this a few years ago. I chose Nest Fragrances ‘Black Tulip’ for this trip. It smells so warm and floral that it was perfect for this sun drenched vacation.

Where are you guys vacationing this month? Leave your destinations below, and also leave me perfume recomendations for my next vacation!

Muah 💋

Denise Alexandra